Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"God bless you...

and you have your hands full!" 

At this stage in life, these are the two things that I hear most often. Why? Simply because I am the mother of "many" young boys (many, being more than 1). Most often, these sayings are accompanied by a smile, a smirk, a sigh and/or a mild chuckle. Sometimes, strangers follow those comments up with "are they all yours? planned?" and so on. 

I must admit that I tend to vacillate between being mildly amused and mildly offended.  Yes, I have boys and yes, they are young. However, they are by no means a burden on my life, albeit very adventuresome. ;-) 

Today, as I had a little bit of quiet time and a rare chance to read some of Dr. James Dobson's book Bringing Up Boys, I realized just how truly blessed I am. My husband and I prayed to have children - and we have! What a privilege and honor it is to bring forth life, mold it and with God's grace end up with godly young men. Future leaders, husbands, fathers and so much more! To be able to not only have such an awesome responsibility for these precious lives, but to have a chance to create memories with them, to teach them and most importantly, to show them the love of Christ and just how much the Father works in our lives - even in the little things! 

That is something that He has shown me through them. His love for me, the fact that He has entrusted them to me, and His sanctification of me through various little boy lessons :) To see how just how precious His love for me is and just how much my heart can be expanded each and every moment I have with them. 

So when someone says to me "God bless you" or "You have your hands full" I will say, "Yes, I am blessed" and "Yes I do have my hands full. Along with arms full to hold my precious boys and a heart full to love them." I am eternally grateful for this gift - this responsibility - this adventure. 

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