Friday, January 1, 2010

The Heart That Sees (Part 1)

This particular entry was one that crossed my mind a couple of weeks ago. However, I have since thought of a few more ways to look at my title. Here goes:

The Father’s Heart and My Heart: While contemplating the festivities of Christmas, I happened to see part of a "Dr. Oz" show about stress triggers and how those closest to you are “hard-wired” to do it. I also read a blog by Dr. Russell Moore that was both convicting and humorous. J

Why and I writing about this? Normally, I like to ask God to help me see others as He does. Not through my rose-colored glasses of past wrongs and preconceived notions, but through His eyes and with His heart. To look past what is supposedly on the surface to see the person underneath. No, I’m not trying to be Oprah or Dr. Phil, but I believe that once I pray that prayer, I tend to soften a little. My tone, my speech, my mannerisms – my overall attitude. Patience that was once shot is restored ten-fold. A quasi-sarcastic tone becomes a welcoming one. Arms once folded become open. I want them to see the love of Christ in me. If I don’t seek to have my pride and other selfish things stripped away daily (if not minute-by-minute), I’m not always a pleasant individual – just ask those closest to me. J

Life is short. Why not try to have some real peace, joy and happiness? Not only for you, but also for those around you?

It is because of Him, that I can. That we all can. Not that there won’t be pain, stress and such. It happens. Instead of letting it turn you into a year-round Grinch with a too-small heart, why not learn from it? Grow from it. Let your heart expand and mature with His grace. Try it… you’ll like it.