Friday, January 1, 2010

The Heart That Sees (part 3)

This will be short and simple. I love to watch “18 Kids and Counting” and in a fairly recent episode about an ice storm, JimBob Duggar, the Patriarch of the family, mentioned that the kids were looking to him to see what kind of response he would have to destruction around their property. He spoke of how important it was to have a “right response” because your kids are always watching and listening to you.

That really hit home with me – esp. as a wife and a mom to impressionable children. If my heart and spirit is not rooted in Him, I’m just not right. If I allow myself to get bent out of shape about the trials I have in life, my family sees that. They don’t see Christ in a big mess like that. My words and actions come out all wrong and the next thing I know, the kiddos are imitating me and I’m not building my family up. Yes, I’m “human,” but I want to be like Christ. I want to point my kids, and others in my life, towards Him. Imitators of my Lord and Savior! How can I possibly do that if I don’t root myself in His word about how to properly conduct my life and myself? I can’t. Things of this earth are temporary and should NOT have such a hold over me. My response means a lot.

My current pastor preached about this earlier in the year. It was both convicting and encouraging at the same time! He stated that sometimes when we pray to become better Christians, spouses, parents and such, we tend to go through more trials. It shows us our weaknesses, causes us to depend upon Him and matures/strengthens us at the same time. Trials refine us. Instead of running away and/or pitchin’ a fit, I’d rather heed His call and seek His guidance. I’d rather have a right response.